Women’s Costume Clubbing Cutie


Women’s Costume Clubbing Cutie

Thog LifeWe think we’re oh so lucky to live in houses with solid walls with healthcare and electricity and a refrigerator full of food. And for the most part, we are. We don’t have to worry about getting taken down by a sabertooth tiger as we sit around the fire or getting crushed by the very animal we hoped to eat that night. But we also think cave life must have been pretty fun. Just imagine what it would be like to walk around in skins and dance around the firelight as fellow Cro-Magnons drum on animal hide drums. We might be biased but we’re thinking the glow of a roaring fire would beat a club’s blinking, strobing light show any day. Get back to the basics with this gorgeous costume!Product DetailsThis asymmetrical dress is ready for a night of celebrating our caveman heritage. The leopard print dress has one strap that’s edged with caramel-colored faux fur. The skirt has a jagged hemline for a primitive look. A faux leather belt has a comfortable fit with an elastic back panel. The fashionable prehistoric look is topped with a bone barrette, fur boot toppers, a bone necklace, and an animal print arm wrap. Forget the modern age, this fierce look will be just the thing for a wild Halloween!Rock OnWant fabulous caveman accessories? This caveman look can be paired with an inflatable club for taking down those pesky sabertooth tigers. Pair up with a partner or friends easily by exploring the rest of our caveman costumes. You could even pair up with a mammoth for an unforgettable group look. With a ragged hemline, shining leopard print fabric, and a flirty cut, you’re sure to have a great time dancing to the primal beat of the drum all night!

Step back in time in this Clubbing Cutie Women’s Costume. This prehistoric getup features a one-shoulder design, faux fur, and bony belt.

SAS ID: 38286

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