Women’s Classic Pink Princess Costume


Women’s Classic Pink Princess Costume

You’ve been silent a long time, but we think it is time that you let the whole kingdom know the truth: that everything is better in pink! Even being taken hostage by a giant evil turtle thing. As a fair princess of a fantasy land, you can do anything that suits your fancy. Except, apparently, rescue yourself.Oh well, you can’t have it all, eh princess? You still get to do a lot of your favorite activities daily: mushroom jumping, mushroom racing, go karting… we hope they have some pink go karts for you! This Women’s Classic Pink Princess Costume allows you to hop right into your favorite fantasy world and play make believe all night long. The moment you see this pink ensemble, you are going to wish for multiple lives in which you could wear it daily. That’s because it’s just so darned…pink! It will definitely level up your style game when your friends see it at tonight’s party. Assuming you can get free and all; we know sometimes you are…unavailable. This pale pink dress has your fave princess’ short puffy mesh sleeves, foam shoulder arches, and a mesh overlays at the hips, not to mention darker pink accents. Your sweetie will swoon every time he finds you in this gorgeous gown and crown. Maybe he wants to escort you to the Halloween party? Then you can also let the whole kingdom know that you’re in love with a really fun-gi!

Look just like a popular video game character in this Women’s Classic Pink Princess Costume.

SAS ID: 38286

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