Women’s Captivating Miss Red Costume


Women’s Captivating Miss Red Costume

Walking alone in the woods with a basket full of food probably isn’t the best idea ever. Aside from attracting numerous woodland critters and bugs (and probably violating more than a couple food safety guidelines), we’ve also read Little Red Riding Hood. We know what else happens. An anthropomorphic wolf will follow you, sneak into your grandmother’s house, eat her, and then dress up in her nightgown to lure you into a false sense of security. No way, José. We’re not falling for that one and neither should you. That’s why you should head to an awesome party while wearing this Captivating Miss Red Costume, instead of wandering through the woods by yourself! This women’s costume is a slightly dark take on the classic Little Red Riding Hood look. With a satin skirt, deep reds, and black accents, it’s the kind of outfit that, fairy tale characters, wandering wolves, and most party goers will love. The long satin hooded cape gives you an air of alluring mystery, and further lace accents help add that storybook feel to the outfit, so you’ll still give off the “on my way to grandma’s house” vibe. It’s a style that looks good with stockings and heels if you’re going for a classic “Red” flair, or with boots if you’re feeling a bit edgier. You can still bring a basket full of goodies, which will make you the star of any party. You might have to keep your eyes peeled for any wolves hanging out at the party, though; we hear they can be pretty tricky to spot!

This Women’s Captivating Miss Red Costume is a grown-up version of the classic storybook character.

SAS ID: 38286

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