Women’s Captain USA Costume


Women’s Captain USA Costume

What’s the true American spirit all about? Is it about stars and stripes? Is it all about the red, white and blue flag? Is it about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Is it all about the Benjamins? Maybe. But we think it’s about something more! We think it’s about wearing the kind of outfit you want to wear and kicking some major butt while doing it! That’s why we think being a superhero is great. You can wear spandex with a giant star on your chest, bust into an evil villain’s layer to stop their terrible scheme to rule the Earth and give them a piece of a little bit of American justice. And really, that’s more than any girl can dream of, right? Now, you can be that kind of hero. All you need to do is suit up in this sexy Captain USA Costume for women!Based on classic comic book heroes, this Captain USA Costume has a sexy style that will have you feeling confident enough to battle against the forces of evil, or to conquer the forces of a costume party! It has a form-fitting bodycon style and it’s sure to knock any kind of super villain off guard. You don’t even need super powers, or a tragic backstory to wear it! Just make that you practice all your one-liners and that you have a few super moves ready to take with you when you slip into this sexy outfit. It also makes for the perfect look to assemble your friends to become an ultimate superhero team. And, of course, with a look this good, you’ll be nominated as the leader in no time!

This Women’s Captain USA Costume will give your a patriotic superhero look that’s sure to save the day.

SAS ID: 38286

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