Women’s Captain Marvel Premium Costume


Women’s Captain Marvel Premium Costume

SUPERHERO QUICK-CHANGE?In a universe where you have all sorts of potential threats that loom over us, ready to show up, beam down, teleport in, or all other manner of sudden appearances, any superhero worth her salt needs to be ready to get up and go at the drop of a hat—or an intergalactic spaceship… whichever one happens to hit the ground first. But, really, unless we’re talking about Quicksilver, it’s probably going to take a minute to get costumed for the chaos. Of course, Carol Danvers has a little Kree trick up her sleeve. (Or, more accurately, on her sleeve.) She can type up a few quick commands and change up her look in all manner of nifty ways. She settled upon the epic primary colors but she might have gone several other ways. Sullen and moody for a noir affair? Psychadelic for a showdown with Disco Demon? But, none of that lets her just burst on the scene in proper attire. Nope! This superhero has to gear up one foot at a time just like the rest of us! PRODUCT DETAILSNaturally, we love helping superhero and mere mortal to live out their costume truth the best way possible, so we’re happy to help you suit up as Captain Marvel with fewer steps than the real Carol Danvers has to go through. Start with this Premium Captain Marvel costume. This is a blue jumpsuit with a front zipper that features lines of bright red and yellow at the top, accented by a bright yellow starburst (a remnant from the Kree look). Complete the look with a bronze pin on the red sash, a pair of boot covers and red gloves and it’s time to soar to adventure. IN A ZIP!We might not be to the point that you can touch a button or snap your fingers and instantly be transformed into your superhero costume, but you can still become Captain Marvel in with little more than a zip of this stellar costume. 

Dress up as Carol Danvers this Halloween with the Women’s Captain Marvel Premium Costume.

SAS ID: 38286

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