Women’s Blushing Beauty Mermaid Costume


Women’s Blushing Beauty Mermaid Costume

Sea Life For ShoreIf you could set up camp on any beach, where would you go? Would you stay on the sunny, whitewash shores of Greece with its ancient structures and dramatic cliffs? Or maybe the Caribbean is your kind of atmosphere. Crystal clear coves, fine sands, and clear blue skies will set the tone for your new secret lifestyle. Or you might even prefer the windswept shores of Iceland with its volcanic beaches and sweeping mountainscapes. No matter where you’re living your new oceanic lifestyle, you’re going to need the right ensemble to set the right tone for when you’re leaping through the waves and weaving pearls through your beachy locks. Product DetailsThis mermaid costume screams out for the seas. It has a gorgeous cut with a pearly halter top, a high-waisted fitted skirt that flares into a mermaid tail. The top secures in the back and has structured cups with a sweetheart neckline that’s trimmed with flowers, a starfish, and pearls draping under the shells and a sparkly starfish. Large shining scales add iridescent shimmer. The purple shimmery skirt has a scale pattern and has layers of pearls at the waist. The fin is structured with plenty of volume and has sparkly tulle underneath to make your entrance extra glamorous. Sand in DemandAre you ready to get into touch with the inner mermaid you always knew was there? This blushing beauty mermaid costume will make you a confident citizen of the seas! Polish off your look with a scale makeup stencil, a starfish headband, or even a golden trident to stylize yourself for the beach. Want to pair your new look with other fishy friends? We have a variety of nautical looks for every size and age, as well as a few King Neptunes and sailor costumes for the man in your life. Might as well ride the wave!

The Women’s Blushing Beauty Mermaid Costume will turn you into the most beautiful mermaid in the seven seas!

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