Women’s Black Widow Spider Costume


Women’s Black Widow Spider Costume

Women's Black Widow Spider Costume

Top Web DesignerWe look at spiders and we think, “Ooh, scary!”. But if we get past the many eyes and step into the eight tiny shoes of the arachnid, the world is theirs. They could do anything with their many-legged power. See that high power glass building over there? A high powered CEO isn’t the only one in the top corner office. This black widow could totally be hanging out above that CEO. No security guard is going to stop a black widow at the door and ask if she has a badge. She can just saunter through the doors, walk into the elevator, and saunter into the nicest office in the building. That just goes to show, when you think you’re at the top you gotta double check the ceiling above you. Someone just might be hanging out above you. If you want to know what it’s like to have a leg up on life, you’ll love this unique black widow costume!Product Details & DesignThis isn’t any run-of-the-mill spider costume. The lovely look is Made by Us which means you probably won’t see anyone else wearing this costume. It features select fabrics and quality construction so you’ll be able to wear it again and again without it falling apart. The jumpsuit is sleek with a zipper up the front and a red sequined belly that spells trouble. The jumpsuit has three legs, a furry collar and fuzzy forearms on the sleeves. The legs are all connected, letting you move them with your arms. A fuzzy plush bustle ties around the hips, letting you move comfortably and confidently at any costumed event.Go for a SpinIf you’re ready to jump into the spidey lifestyle but you want to remain glamorous, this costume is a great way to go. With lush fabrics and gorgeous sequins, you’ll feel ready to spin your very own wicked web!

Go on an eight-legged walk with this Black Widow Spider Costume for women. This exclusive design ensures you’ll have a unique costume for your next party!

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