Women’s Black Shimmer Tutu


Women’s Black Shimmer Tutu

Power of the FloofMaybe you know this already, maybe you don’t. Floof can do a lot for your wardrobe. Oh, what is floof, you ask? Well, it’s not fluff, that’s for sure. Fluff is something you might find floating through the air. Fluff can be found attached to your shirt after too many trips through the dryer. Floof elevates your look with volume and sass. Floof changes your personality to a shrugging wallflower type to someone who cancans on the way to the grocery store. Do you know people like that? No? That’s probably because you don’t know anyone who truly integrates floof into their wardrobe. Well, it turns out, you can be that person. So, limber up. You never know what antics you’ll get up to when there is floof in your arsenal!Product DetailsThis black ballerina tutu is made of layers of black tulle along with a top layer of sparkle. The tulle is trimmed with a satin ribbon. It’s comfortable with an elastic waistband so you can easily get up to whatever this floofy skirt inspires in you. Raising the BarreEveryone knows that you simply can’t dress as a ballerina without a tutu. Something people don’t know? Tutus can level up any other costume as well! Cute raccoon costume but it would be cuter with a tutu. Woah, a prisoner in stripes with a tutu. That’s confusing but cool. The moral of the story? When you’ve got a tutu in your costume collection, every look can be leveled up!

Accent your costume with this Women’s Black Shimmer Tutu. It features a classic black tutu skirt with a shimmer fabric.

SAS ID: 38286

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