Women’s Bell of the Ball Costume


Women’s Bell of the Ball Costume

Just imagine it. Your prince is patiently waiting your arrival in ballroom. A string quartet has been preparing to play the ballad they wrote just for this magical moment. You’re going to have a wonderful waltz across the dance floor, where you’ll look deeply into your prince’s eyes and then slowly lean in for the kiss. That’s the moment that he’ll fall madly in love with you, willing to pledge his entire existence to you and you to him.Now, what are you wearing during all this? Are you wearing that old sweatshirt you always wear when you’re just crashing on the couch for the night? Probably not. More than likely, you imagine yourself wearing a brilliant gown that almost glows in the evening starlight! You don’t have to go rummaging through your closet right now, trying to find the perfect gown. You can just wear this Bell of the Ball costume, which is designed to help make your princess dreams come true!Based on princess characters from various fairy tales, this women’s Bell of the Ball costume brings you a magnificent look for any special occasion! Whether you’re sharing that important moment when you lock eyes with your prince on the dance floor, or you just want to wear it to the mall to feel more like royalty as you get a mall pretzel, this dress will make you feel quite regal. It comes with a brilliant yellow dress with a sweetheart neckline. It also has velvet rosettes at the bust and around the skirt. We’re sure that the prince, or that adorable clerk working at the pretzel shop, will take notice of you in the elegant look!

You’ll feel like a princess in this women’s bell of the ball yellow ball gown costume.

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