Women’s 80s Track Suit Plus Size Costume


Women’s 80s Track Suit Plus Size Costume

Oh, the eighties or the early nineties, whatever! Some of us got to experience it, others have to be satisfied with TV reruns and colorful eighties rap. The popular clothing of the time was beautiful, everything from the hats to eyewear to shoes. Oh, And the hair! Never, ever forget the hair. It was a time of color, of sass, and of swagger.First, let’s focus on the hair. The beautiful, epic hair. These days people hardly even have bangs but back in that epic era, people went for some serious volume in their bangs and sometimes they were crimped. Sure, every once in a while you see someone with a couple crimped strands of hair but no one dares to venture to the middle of the face these days. People of the eighties and nineties really had courage with their fashion. For some evidence just take a glance at the glasses they wore. Yep, when it came to nerdy it was all or nothing. So, speaking of bravery, the color of the era was anything but muted. People confidently went into the world wearing wind suits, big earrings, and high heels. *sigh* Forgive us, this is some serious nostalgia we’re feeling here.If you want to try your hand at that eighties swagger this tracksuit is a great introduction. With its mint green and hot pink accents, you’ll be testing the waters without jumping to deep into the intimidating purple and turquoise paint splattered waters. Either you can pop on some heels and earrings and head out to a party or you could even put on a leotard underneath for a truly authentic vibe and maybe try out an aerobics routine.

The 80s just wouldn’t have been the same without bright colored track suits and permed hair. Relive those days again in this Women’s 80s Track Suit Plus Size Costume. Available in 1X and 2X.

SAS ID: 38286

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