Women Dazzling Deer Costume


Women Dazzling Deer Costume

Forest FestivitiesWhat makes a great party? Is it the music that puts you in the good vibe state of mind? Or maybe it’s the little plates of hors d’oeuvre and dip. Whatever it is that lets you know that you’re at a good party, parties in our neck of the deep woods have got it. It’s hard to really get an insight on these get-togethers since no humans are allowed but a little birdie told us that these parties are the place to be! They’ve got a punchbowl full of wild raspberry cordial, a charcuterie board piled high with acorn cheese, and roasted chicken freshly caught by the resident fox. It’s the best party that’s not in town and the only way to get in is blending into the crowd. You’ll get a backstage pass to your local state park when you receive this dazzling deer costume!Details & DesignThis Made by Us deer costume combines fashion and comfort to make sure you’ve got a look you’re happy with at your next costumed event! Our in house designers combined a classic skater skirt with a flattering, fitted bodice. The dress zips up the back, right above the fluffy whitetail. The skirt has subtle pleats along the waist, giving this dress what we call “flair facture” which makes it a great pick for people who love the dance floor. Topped off with little antlers, this costume is great for Halloween parties and Christmas soirees alike!Rein In the SeasonWhen you invest in a higher quality costume, you get to look forward to wearing it more than once. And while this dazzling deer costume is an adorable option for Halloween, it doesn’t take much to make this costume Christmas friendly. From reindeer games to haunted house tours, this costume will bring a touch of forested fun to any occasion!

Don’t get caught in the headlights in the Women’s Dazzling Deer Costume. In the white and brown dress, you’re sure to turn some heads.

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