Wolf Adult Kigurumi Costume


Wolf Adult Kigurumi Costume

Big bad wolf. Ready to huff and puff and make the forest a dangerous place to visit. Apex predator and top dog of the animal kingdom.Nahhhh, that’s not our style! We love wolves but we prefer our animals to be a whole lot more chill. And sometimes softer. And more adorable. Come to think of it, we love stuffed animals the most!Now, it’s not very easy to transform into animal. Let alone to transform into a stuffed animal. But let us introduce you to something that does just the trick. The Kigurumi! Originally from Japan, these fun animal inspired pajamas features soft sculpted details and amazing animal themes. And since they’re basically just upgraded pajamas, they work equally great as sleepwear and as a costume!This Wolf Kigurumi for adults is no exception. It has an adorable wolf face and a tail, so any human can become a cool canine. And with soft 100 percent polyester fleece, we’re sure you’ll love it for dress up day at school or work, or for dozing off in when you’re just hanging out. With a one size fits most design, this pajama set is equally suited for both men and women. But consult our size chart for the perfect fit!When you go out in this Kigurumi, we’re sure you’re going to love wolfing around. And maybe you’ll even get a chance to howl at the moon! Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Sometimes cute, cuddly wolves are as cool as scary ones. Be a cute, cuddly wolf in this Wolf Adult Kigurumi Costume. Also, who doesn’t love a costume that is essentially an adult onesie?!?

SAS ID: 38286

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