Wild Zebra Toddler Costume


Wild Zebra Toddler Costume

This is a question that we often ask little kids: so what do you want to be when you grow up? Sometimes they give well thought out answers and reply with intelligent answers like “fireman” or “actress” and other times their responses are much more abstract. Children have vivid imaginations so they have the ability to spew out some pretty creative answers. “Rainbow unicorn,” “swamp monster,” and “shiny helicopter” are some of our favorite replies, but we also got a really impassioned response from a little kid and we can’t resist but share it with you. Here it is…I want to be a zebra when I grow up! Zebras are striped horses and they are so cool. They’re so…stripey! Their black and white fur really stands out in the grassy jungle. Zebras also have an awesome black mohawk and a matching tail. They’re also really fast and I love watching them run. I hope that I can run like a zebra one day!Wasn’t that the cutest response you ever heard? If you also have a young zebra fan on your hands with hopes of growing up and gaining stripes, then give them a taste of what adult zebra life will feel like. This wild zebra toddler costume will prepare for the wild life. It’s a cozy zip-up jumpsuit (with black and white stripes, of course) and features an attached tail and matching furry hood. It’s the perfect costume for transforming todlers into lifelike zebras, plus it sure beats scrubbing Sharpie marker off their skin during bath time!   

Get your child a costume straight from the wild when you get this exclusive Wild Zebra Toddler Costume.

SAS ID: 38286

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