Wild Warrior Men’s Red Beard


Wild Warrior Men’s Red Beard

Fierce and FreeThere’s no way anyone wearing a beard this red and curly is going to get pushed around. It doesn’t matter what character you’re going for. Putting together a Viking costume? This beard will turn you into the kind of Viking who stands up in the middle of a raging storm at sea and laughs at the waves. The kind of Viking that would lead a raid shirtless even while the knights waiting on shore are wearing armor. This is the kind of beard that welcomes danger. The kind of beard who sees a 100-foot wall and wants to climb it just to see what’s on the other side. So no matter who you’re dressing up as, you can be sure this fiery beard will lend you a fierce nature. You can go back to being polite once you take it off.Details & DesignThis gorgeous Made by Us red beard will make you look like you’ve been living out in the wilderness. The faux hair has been designed to make your hairs nice and scraggly. The beard straps to the back of your head with a strap of elastic so it’ll stay in place even if you’re in the midst of a big ol’ battle!

Complete your viking warrior costume with the manliest of manly beards! This Wild Warrior Red Beard features a full red beard and mustache!

SAS ID: 38286

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