White Skeleton Men’s Costume


White Skeleton Men’s Costume

A New Skeleton DanceDeep in the necromantic crypts that lay hidden below our offices, our chief voodoo priests engage in dark rituals and spiritual reanimations. (Well, actually, the crypts aren’t that hidden at all. Once the mysterious green mists started rising up from behind the snack machine, everyone realized that they could just type in the number for the questionable-looking egg salad sandwich and the secret door would open.) Anyway, the point is that our department of corporeal reanimation knows their stuff!It usually involves a whole lot of calm chanting to imbue the old bones with enough gusto so they can muster the will to meander around. But, that all changed when the team realized that some groovy tunes were way more effective! Not only do all the creaks get worked out in no time, but our revived skeletal friends can pull off quite the jig. (Imagine that old xylophone and graveyard dance but smoother moves and a much-improved sound system.) Design & DetailsIt’s time to join in on the supernatural fun—no necromancy required. Our Made by Us design team put together this jumpsuit for an exclusive take on the traditional skeletal style. Slide your own bones into this White Skeleton costume and get ready to put the soul back into your Halloween party. This is a full body suit printed to look like a complete skeleton on a white base. The form-fitting structure and foam skull mask provide a comfy and creepy look that’s eternal (literally)! Next Up: Skeletal Singing?The agelessness of its structure means this Skeleton is obviously going to master the art of the dance in no time. The question is whether you’ll go for the double-threat and prove that you can become the very first skeletal vocalist, too! Garb up in this costume and see how far your bones will take you!

Step out of the grave and out on the town in our Men’s White Skeleton Costume. This exclusive costume will transform your achy bones into the hit of the party.

SAS ID: 38286

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