White Skeleton Kids Costume


White Skeleton Kids Costume

Small and ScaryThere’s really one thing that we’ve noted as a solid, terrifying truth about children. They grow. A lot. Fast. It’s actually pretty spooky when we sit back and think about it. Everyone knows that bones need calcium to get strong, but what explains how fast they grow!? When they’re small and cute, we still have some security in the fact that we can corral them around when absolutely necessary. But, when they start shooting upward… what then!? Bribe with cookies?But, you probably see the problem, here! Who can have cookies without milk? Milk = vitamin D. Instantly faster-growing kiddos. If only we could keep a better eye on those bones so we can predict just how much they’re going to be leaping up in height. There are x-rays, of course, but those might not be totally healthy and we’re sure that kind of insight would be expensive pretty quick. Well, we suppose that there’s no way to stop it, so might as well make them as tough as they can be while they’re causing our little ones to burst into giant people!Design & DetailsGive your kiddo some Halloween fun while keeping an eye on those bones with this White Skeleton costume from our Made by Us costume line. This is an exclusive jumpsuit that is printed to show off a proud skeletal structure, all in a bright white for Halloween safety. It includes a foam mask for the skull and a pair of gloves for the hands. (Vitamin D still recommended for internal bones.)Growing Into Them BonesWe’ve heard the phrase that they’re growing kids and you need to make sure they get all that calcium so they grow up big and strong, but is it important to pay this much attention to the skeleton!? Of course! Your kiddo’s bones could be wasting away under all that skin. This Skeleton costume is basically saving lives! (Okay, maybe it’s just making lives more fun.)

Turn your kid into a white scary, creepy skeleton with this Kids White Skeleton Costume.This features a bodysuit with skeleton print.

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