White Astronaut Costume Girl’s


White Astronaut Costume Girl’s

Space is the PlaceSome girls have a thirst for adventure. Not satisfied with simply playing the backyard, they want to go where no human being has ever gone. They don’t want to be the first one to the playground. They want to be the first girl to step foot on Mars. They want to be the first girl to travel outside our solar system. They want to get their hands on the steering wheel of a rocket ship! Yes, some girls are just destined to be astronauts.If your girl is the adventurous type, then you might want to start her training now. Of course, that means a few lessons in physics, astronomy, and you’d better stock up on some of that astronaut ice cream for treats! Some physical training on the swings sets is also in order (you know, to simulate anti-gravity conditions). But first, she’s going to need one stellar costume to start her off!Design & DetailsOur expert costume designers crafted this Girl’s White Astronaut Costume for those kids who want to reach for the stars! It’s a white jumpsuit that has plenty of great details designed into it. It features an American flag patch on the sleeve, along with a NASA patch on the chest. The suit has a zipper in the front and a pocket on the leg. The harness fits over the suit to create an authentic astronaut look, so you all you need to do is pair it with some boots to make your girl look ready for a trip to the moon!Outfit for Outer SpaceThis costume does a great job of creating an authentic astronaut look, but you can always upgrade the look! Add our astronaut helmet and a backpack to the look and your girl might be indistinguishable from a real NASA employee!

Get ready to blast into orbit in our Girl’s White Astronaut Costume. This costume features a white jumpsuit with NASA and Space Shuttle patches on the front.

SAS ID: 38286

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