White and Red Striped Stockings


White and Red Striped Stockings

You’ll be ready to take your place in Santa’s workshop when you slip on these super fun holiday stockings. The stockings reach to mid-thigh and are ready to compliment both elf and Santa costumes alike! After all, in the North Pole, you’d better layer up. It gets cold up there! So, this year whether you are slipping presents for all the little girls and boys under a tree or you’re going to door with some charming Christmas carols, you’re sure to look the part. You can decide whether to pair them with curved elf slippers or boots, either way, you’ll look like you’re at the height of the holiday spirit. We have plenty of elf and costumes to make your look complete!So, this holiday season, slip into a pair of White and Red Striped Stockings and give your costume (and yourself) a sweet treat! It’s a great way to spread a bit of Christmas cheer!

We’ll aren’t you a stylish candy cane? Get into the holiday spirit with a pair of festive White and Red Striped Stockings. Wear them with a Santa costume or find your own fun ways to accessorize with them.

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