Wet Look Thigh High Stockings


Wet Look Thigh High Stockings

Everyone can agree that legs are pretty cool. They make it easy for us to do stuff like walk around and pull off slam dunks. Did you know that your legs also love dressing up in sexy fun costumes just as much as the rest of you does? You probably knew that, but we never can tell for sure, since most legs aren’t terribly chatty…We do know for certain, though, that legs love the way these Wet Look Thigh High Stockings look on them! If you’re suiting up in your finest cat burglar or wicked villain costume, or going for a sassy biker chick look, these stretchy thigh highs add some slick and shiny style to your ensemble. They’re the perfect accessory to fierce black leather or vinyl, or any looks that could use a dose of danger and intrigue. But don’t listen to us; listen to your legs!

These Wet Look Thigh High Stockings are a sexy addition to your wardrobe! Great for any dangerous looking costume!

SAS ID: 38286

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