Vikings Ragnar Lothbrok Men’s Costume


Vikings Ragnar Lothbrok Men’s Costume

THE PROPHECY BEGINSOur office Seer doesn’t usually have a ton to say. To be honest, a bunch of us are beginning to wonder why we even keep her around. “Trent of the number counters feasts upon the quarry of the unwary” is hardly a world-shattering insight… though it did help us realize where all our lunches were going. However, we know she’s serious when he starts bringing up the All-Father and says that a warrior of legend is about to sail from our docks!So, we’re getting everything ready for the new Earl (and maybe even King). That means preparing a whole fleet of ships for all the trips out west and plenty of ingredients for the various feasts that we know we’ll be having. (Don’t worry. Trent isn’t helping out with that part of the preparation!) Anyway, you best get ready for some of the craziest adventure that you can imagine, because you’re going to last at least four seasons when you set out with us! DESIGN & DETAILSThe Seer has spoken and our clan designers have raided at least a dozen settlements to gather enough materials for this officially licensed Ragnar Lothbrok Costume. This exclusive look includes everything you need to step into the role of the protagonist of Vikings.  Start with an embossed tunic and matching belt that each look like worn leather. (Can’t have you looking like this is your first fight, after all!) The pants have an elastic waist for easy wear and the boot covers are laser cut to look like leather plates! Get yourself an axe and shield and you might not even need the aid of the gods.WATCH OUT FOR BLIND DRIVERSOnce you go to fulfill the prophecy as Ragnar, we recommend that you watch out for some of those warnings. Especially in modern days, a blind taxi driver is a dangerous route to take! You don’t want this Ragnar Costume lasting longer than you do, after all.

Become the son of Odon, the ruler of Kattegat and the legend himself Ragnar Lothbrok when you wear this exclusively licensed Vikings Ragnar Lothbrok Men’s Costume this Halloween.

SAS ID: 38286

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