Tween Hildagaard Viking Costume


Tween Hildagaard Viking Costume

Viking warriors are the most ferocious fighters, the most valiant, the most dangerous to ever take the field. But not just their men. As deadly as their men can be, they learn such fierce strength from their women! Now, young Hildagaard, you have grown up tough, learning how to survive on your own, how to take the food you need and protect yourself. But now you are no longer a child (well, you are still a kid, but in a metaphoric sense we mean), you are a warrior, the true blood of the north, a Viking! You shall soon slay your first enemy, whether it be a ferocious dragon… or a man. It is yours to choose, because as a Viking woman, conquest is your very destiny! You shall be the greatest woman in the village, even the men shall fear your blade. Where it swings you do not miss. Your shield is ever at your side. Armies will whisper of your conquests and Viking longships shall be christened with your name. Sound good? Want to be the fiercest woman since Tomyris the Scythian? This is your chance, young lady. Arm yourself and suit up as only a Viking woman can. Men will quake with fear upon your approach. But stay your blade. Some of those men may be friends. Form a raiding party on your enemies and grant no mercy. Not only that, but the fur shoulder pads go great with your hair. Boys might be intimidated by a strong woman such as yourself, but you’ll teach them some manners soon enough.

You think you’re going to be able to attack when the men are gone? Think again. Prove what Vikings are made of in this Tween Hildagaard Viking Costume.

SAS ID: 38286

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