Tween Heavenly Devil Costume


Tween Heavenly Devil Costume

If this mixed-up costume has you a little confused, just think about Devil’s Food Cake…Huh? Sorry—we took our own advice, and we must have drifted off. Where were we? In conclusion, don’t just think about Devil’s Food Cake unless you’re in the mood to feel dazed and hungry. If we were going to say something else, perhaps comparing that delicious chocolate dessert to this cute Tween Heavenly Devil Costume, we forget what it was. Oh yeah! The word devil shows up in both of them, but they’re both heavenly, too.No, that’s not quite right. Both cake and costumes look really good in photos, but you’ll feel sick if you eat too much of either one? Maybe so, but we’re pretty sure we meant to say something else. Were we going to tell you a story? The one about the great-looking costume and the easily-distracted copywriters? Probably not. Spoiler alert: they wake up chewing on their mousepads and realize that the cake was just a bittersweet naptime dream!Oh yeah! What we meant to say was that if you get sidetracked by all the silly names and labels that people put on things, you’re going to miss out on some of the best stuff in life. Like really tasty sweets, and a really sweet Halloween outfit! Now what’s that old saying? Some days you’re the cake, and some days you’re the frosting? We can never remember. Anyway, now you can have your cake and eat it in this great costume!

Sometimes do you feel that you have a little devil and a little angel on your shoulders? If so, this Tween Heavenly Devil Costume is perfect for you!

SAS ID: 38286

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