Turned to Stone Costume Men’s


Turned to Stone Costume Men’s

Turn to StoneYou know the song.I turn to stone when you are goneI turn to stoneI turn to stone, when you comin’ homeI can’t go onThanks, Electric Light Orchestra! Of course, if you’ve ever been intrigued by the concept of turning to stone, we’re happy to announce that you don’t have to have a broken heart like ELO. And you don’t even need to have a run in with a mythical Medusa, who had the power to turn anyone who looked at her to stone. Nope, all you need is, wait for it, this Men’s Turned to Stone Costume!That’s right, we’ve got this Turned to Stone Costume, and it’s ready to turn you into a stone warrior or statue. It is indeed styled like an ancient Greek warrior who ran across the Gorgon Medusa and was consequently turned to stone, but you can play the costume off however you like!Product DetailsThis detailed costume style comes with a combined shirt and armor top with an attached cowl and cape. It also comes with pants, a front half mask, and a sword and shield. Each piece has stone pattern finish, so that when you strike a pose, you’ll look just like a soldier who’s been stuck in stone! We used a little bit of body paint to complete the style as we have it pictured, and you can do the same by shopping our makeup section.Costumes for any kind of themeIf you’ve perused our costume selection, you probably figured out pretty quickly that we have costumes for any kind of theme you can dream up. And, now, of course, that includes turning to stone! Be sure to shop our Medusa costumes for a fantastic couples costume style. It’s an old-time tale that’s sure to make it a memorable Halloween!

Look like you tangled with Medusa in this Men’s Turned to Stone Costume. This stone look is a perfect compliment for a couple’s costume.

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