TSA Agent Blue Long sleeved Costume Shirt


TSA Agent Blue Long sleeved Costume Shirt

The Airport ConundrumYou know the feeling. You’re standing there in line at the airport. Slowly, you inch down the line. You checked the airline rules a million times before packing your bags and made sure that your carry-on bag was completely up to standards, but you still have a small ball of stress growing inside of you. There’s a voice in your head—it’s telling you, “What if you missed something?” or “Maybe the shaving kit that you put in there isn’t safe to travel with on an airplane.” You finally get to the end of the line and an airport worker in a blue shirt motions you forward with their hand. They toss your bag onto the belt and an awkward silence ensues.A few seconds pass, which feels like an eternity. Then, they give you a smile and tell you that you’re free to go. In that small moment, the TSA Agent is a hero, relieving you of that growing sense of stress! You thank them and then head on your merry way to travel the world. Sounds familiar, right?Now, you can be that hero of the moment when you wear this TSA Agent costume shirt.Design & DetailsThis blue button up shirt fits like a normal button up, but it has a few distinguishing details to make you look like a worker from airport security. The shoulders have “TSA” patches on them and the pockets feature buttoned tops. It’s such a simple costume, that you just need to pair it up with your favorite pair of black pants and you’ll be ready to roll to your next costume party!Almost Like the Real ThingNow, we have to remind you that this shirt might look like the real thing, but it doesn’t actually turn you into a real TSA Agent. So, don’t head to the airport to impersonate a real TSA worker. They’re busy keeping the airways safe for travel and don’t need anyone getting in their way!

Get this official looking TSA Agent Blue Long sleeved Costume Shirt and be on duty at the next party, maybe with your very own security checkpoint!

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