Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Comfy Throw


Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Comfy Throw

All About the BeyondYou’ve been a fan of Buzz from the very beginning. The way he proudly stood on Andy’s bed just got you on his side for good. He’s loyal, he’s brave, and his somewhat naive nature will always be charming. It’s been more than twenty years since Buzz first landed and you’ve seen him go through all sorts of ups and downs including his ever-suave Spanish mode. Watching the tough space ranger kiss Woody’s cheeks will always be a special moment in our memory. Now, it’s time that Buzz joined you in your day to day life! He’ll keep you warm as you study for your Astronomy. He’ll be by your side when your bestie comes over and forces you to watch a scary alien flick. And he’s definitely got you covered when you decide to have a Toy Story marathon! With this colorful throw, any Toy Story fan will love having Buzz star in their live-action day-to-day!Product DetailsSometimes you want to be all dressed up with nowhere to go. For days like that, there are licensed Toy Story throws. This cozy blanket has arms to keep it in place as you reach for your phone or pose like Buzz Lightyear. Buzz’s body is printed with all the bells and whistles, including his oh-so-dangerous lazar. Perfect for a Halloween at home, this costume will keep you quoting your favorite cartoon toys for years to come!Taking OffAre you ready to embrace your love of Toy Story while relaxing? This colorful fleece is perfect for handing out candy on Halloween. Want the whole household to dress up for movie night? It’s as easy as having a variety of character throws on hand. In fact, pair this Buzz Lightyear throw with the Woody throw and you’ll have a friendship that’ll go to infinity and beyond!

The Adult Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Comfy Throw is the coolest look in the galaxy. To infinity and beyond!

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