Toddler’s Realistic Tiger Costume


Toddler’s Realistic Tiger Costume

Never a Dull RoarTigers and young children are more alike than you’d think. If you know there’s a tiger in the vicinity but you can’t see or hear it, you know you’re in trouble. The same goes for kids. If it’s eerily quiet in the house than there’s a good chance that trouble is brewing. The type of trouble depends on the kid. There’s could be new artwork drawn on the living room walls or a peanut butter experiment going awry in the laundry room. Silence is dangerous.Still, you gotta respect the nature of both parties. Tigers have to stalk their prey. Kids have to express themselves. If only there was a way for kiddos to channel their creative energy in less chore-inducing ways. . . you know where we’re headed. Combine the two silent terrors for some truly terrific playtime! This realistic tiger costume will have your child stalking their teddy bears instead of rustling up human kid trouble. That’s bad news for teddy but good news for mom and dad!Details & DesignOur Made by Us realistic tiger stands apart from other tiger costumes with ease! Our graphic artists and in-house designers worked together to combine a beautiful tiger print and a realistic face with a jumpsuit that’s topped with a sculpted tiger head hood. The tiger has a long tail, clawed shoe covers, and ferocious mitts to ready the big cat for the hunt. Pumped for the PounceCreative kids will have no problem getting into character when they’re rocking this brightly striped costume. Whether their tiger likes to stalk the jungle river banks or prefers to lounge in a tree until some prey comes along, you can be sure this costume will get plenty of playtime action long after the Halloween candy is gone. You’d just better warn Mr. Teddy Bear, it’s going to be a rough year for him!

Did the local zoo have an animal escape? Nope, that is just your little guy on the prowl for candy wearing our exclusive Realistic Tiger Toddler’s Costume!

SAS ID: 38286

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