Toddler Silly Scarecrow Costume


Toddler Silly Scarecrow Costume

When you’re a scarecrow, your career is sort of chosen for you right from the get go. But we like to think that anyone in this world can break the mold, they can follow their dreams, and make those dreams a reality. Getting into this Toddler Silly Scarecrow Costume is going to transform your child into the classic Halloween icon, but that doesn’t mean he suddenly has to start punching the clock, working day and night in the fields shooing crows away. No, this little guy, upon growing up, is going to be a high paid lawyer, a neurosurgeon, or the next president of the United States! Yep, this scarecrow can become whatever he wants to be.

They’re going to feel right out of their storybooks with this Toddler Silly Scarecrow Costume! It’s an exclusive you won’t find anywhere else!

SAS ID: 38286

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