Toddler Renaissance Villager Costume


Toddler Renaissance Villager Costume

Better than the real thingIt’s safe to say that childhood was short in the Middle Ages. It wasn’t that kids were less childish, it was just that there was always so much to do. There was yarn to spin, wool to card, peas to shell, gardens to weed, chickens to feed, chickens to pluck, firewood to gather, hems to sew, fields to sew, stews to stir, and water to fetch. So you can be sure that if you were a kid during this time, you’d have plenty of chores every day. Can you imagine a child in today’s era yielding a sharp object to peel carrots by an open fire on which balanced a pot of boiling water? Nope, that would not fly these days. Still, it’s wonderful to picture villager children of the Renaissance and Medieval era letting loose and gathering flowers. Luckily for us, we might not have a long, long list of chores but we still have access to the clothing of those eras. When you dress your child in a look like this one, it’s like going back in time only way, way better!Design & DetailsMade by Us, this Renaissance Villager Costume for girls is a cut above your typical princess costume. The two layers consist of a simple white sheath that has off-shoulder sleeves. The overskirt has a beautiful blue color with a silver-blue flower pattern. With just enough shine to make your kiddo excited to wear it, while still looking natural in pictures, this costume will make everyone happy. The lace-up bodice is secured with velvet textured ribbons that are sewn along the seam of the top and the overskirt as well.Hay-nonny-nonnyA look like this is ready for anything from Ren Faire to a themed party. Top this villager costume off with a crown of braids and your little one will feel like a character straight out of a picture book!

Your little one will make for a cute little villager in the Toddler Renaissance Villager Costume.

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