Toddler Meerkat Costume


Toddler Meerkat Costume

A friend indeedIt can be tough to find the right friend group. How can you know that someone will look out for you through thick and thin after a simple conversation at lunch about cartoons? Well, it wouldn’t be hard to know if you had friends that you can depend on if you were a meerkat! That’s because these creatures are in it together. This animal is all about teamwork. They not only keep an eye out for predatory birds or snakes, but they’ll also team together to harass the snake until it leaves. When all the other grown meerkats are out foraging for food, one or two will stay at home to babysit. And because they work together in all things, they have to be good at communication. They have a wide vocabulary and can recognize each other’s voices from a distance, just as you might know your friend’s voice from across a room. Design & DetailsYour kid will be inspired to live that meerkat lifestyle in this Made by Us costume. Designed by our creative team, this jumpsuit zips up the front to make changing easy for that independent tot in your life. the back has meerkat stripes and a long tail. It’s topped off with a sculpted head with huge, alert eyes, ears, nose, and a little poufy mane. The look is finished off with shoe covers that fix to your kiddo’s shoes with an elastic band to make your kid into this adorable creature from head to toe. Up and At ‘EmAre you ready to see your little one transform into one of the best teammates of the animal kingdom? This costume is a whole lot of fun. You’ll love watching your little one pop up around the house and keep watch for all those invisible bad guys. Who knew a meerkat makes such a good guard dog?

Meerkats are almost as adorable as your toddler, so combine the cuteness in this Toddler Meerkat Costume!

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