Toddler Cheerful Cheetah Costume


Toddler Cheerful Cheetah Costume

READY TO RUN!Have you watched your little tot go from a slowly crawling klutz into a little dashing daredevil? Remember the days that it was all about tentative steps before a quick plop back to the ground? Now, you sometimes think you need a system of motion detection cameras just to keep tabs on where your little critter is running off to? Well, we’ve got an idea for you.At first, the idea of turning your kiddo into the fastest feline on the planet might sound crazy. (It totally isn’t.) You might be thinking, “Why would I want to make my kid faster!?” and that’s a pretty valid question. But, here’s the thing: cheetahs run in short bursts. They’re just quick sprinters! Once they make their dash, they take a nice long rest, usually trying to enjoy a treat while they do. So, this means that your kiddo is going to make a mad dash across the room, tag the couch, and then settle in for a nice long stretch before going back to the other side!DESIGN & DETAILSOkay, so we’re not positive that’s how this will work, but we do know that you’re both going to love running around in this exclusive Cheerful Cheetah costume Made By Us here in-house. This is a printed jumpsuit made of soft, minky fur that is both comfy, warm, and detailed with the light orange, creamy belly, and black spots and tail of the cheetah. The headpiece has an adorable cheetah face and the mittens feature cat pads and little claws. DASH AND LAUGHWe can see it now. Your kiddo is all Cheetah’d up. Slowly stalking around the corner. Then, all of a sudden you hear the fast-paced pat-pat-pat of little feet giving chase. You’re tackled in the inescapable hug of the mighty cheetah cub. Hopefully, someone will take a snapshot of this adorable attack for National Geographic!

Unleash your child’s inner beast with our Toddler Cheerful Cheetah Costume. This cute onesie will be the hit of any get together.

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