Tipsy Elves Men’s Pineapple Jumpsuit


Tipsy Elves Men’s Pineapple Jumpsuit

Pining For SummerDo you know the feeling of late winter? The wind is blowing, the snow is dirty and slushy, and you and your friends haven’t left your houses since New Year’s Eve. You’ve had dreams of swimming on the beach and riding bikes in the sunshine only to wake up to the sound of sleet hitting your window pane. What you need… what we all need, is a way to get through the last couple months of miserable weather. Unfortunately, we can’t all just jet off to our private Caribbean island. Invite summer to stay through all the foul weather when you zip into this pineapple ensemble. Turn up the heat, play some Ukelele music, and sip on a fruity cocktail and winter will seem like a distant memory!Product DetailsIf you want a look that’ll be a whole lot of fun for a tropical-themed party and pretending like you’re some kind of beach bum at home then you’ll love this look. A jumpsuit costume can be layered over clothes to keep you warmed or unzipped to keep you well ventilated. This pineapple suit even has working pockets and a leafy hood to make you both funky and functional.Talking TropicsIf you need a little more warm weather in your life, we promise a tropical themed party will make your life a little brighter. Set out plenty of fresh fruit, hand out some leis, and zip into this suit and you’ll feel like someone just flew you down to Kokomo. Your guests can dress in Hawaiin costumes and they’re sure to thank you for saving them the expense of airfare and hotel. Do the job of tropical hosting well enough and they might even let you tag along. After all, they know you’ve got great taste when it comes to the tropics!

Dress up as one of the most delicious fruits on the planet with this Tipsy Elves Men’s Pineapple Jumpsuit. Stand out in a crowd of ghouls and ghosts this Halloween.

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