The Ultimate Red Dragon Wings


The Ultimate Red Dragon Wings

Meant to be RedPicking the right color is important, whether you’re painting a room or coloring your hair. Blue is calm, green is fresh, yellow happy, and red is the universal color for stop. Stop is exactly what message you decided your dragon wings should convey. You put a lot of thought into the whole thing. You know black wings would be intimidating, and a light color could warn of unknown magic. Traditional green would look nice, but it could suggest a pesky thief had the go-ahead and all you want to tell them is that they’re welcome to leave. In the end, red wings really are your best option.Product DetailsWhen it comes to protecting your hoard of treasures, the larger the wingspan and the redder the color, the less likely anyone is to invade your golden cave. These Ultimate Red Dragon Wings will tell any potential thief to turn back without you even raising a sleepy eyelid. Stubborn thieves do exist though, so if you do need to chase any off, these lightweight wings will give you the perfect intimidation factor as you fill the sky with a warning flight.Red-y to GoWhether you’re protecting a millennium’s worth of treasure or looking to create a convincing dragon costume, these Ultimate Red Dragon Wings are ready for the job.

Dominate your territory and terrorize the kingdom with the Ultimate Red Dragon Wings. Survey the skies with these imposing wings.

SAS ID: 38286

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