The Ultimate Ice Blue Dragon Wings


The Ultimate Ice Blue Dragon Wings

Winter’s ReturnObserving the land spreading out below you, you’re bothered by the lack of frost. The rolling hills are vivid green, all the trees are covered in spring’s buds. The season is fresh and, for you, uncomfortable. The good news is, you can change all that without much difficulty. You swoop low over a flowering meadow and breathe an icy blast of air. The petals curl and fall before you’ve blinked and the frigid winter returns to your favorite valley. You’ve never known another life, but you’d caution a guess that anyone that hasn’t experienced your charmed life would love to give it a try.Product DetailsWith these Ultimate Ice Blue Dragon Wings, even a simple peasant can try flying a mile in wings. Made from lightweight foam, this intimidating wingspan will keep any dragon-wannabe comfortable while laying waste to the nearest village. These shoulder strap wings make becoming a dragon easier than guarding a cave full of treasure.Frozen SpringThere’s no stopping a dragon, especially when they can freeze any opponent in their tracks. So, don’t let the nearest sleepy village relax into spring. Take to the skies and bring back the frozen winter with these Ultimate Ice Blue Dragon Wings.

Rule the skies with the Ultimate Ice Blue Dragon Wings. Dominate your territory as the ruler of the skies with these dragon wings.

SAS ID: 38286

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