The Toddler St Bernard Bubble Costume


The Toddler St Bernard Bubble Costume

Alpine Pick Me UpHiking in the Alps is a pretty magical experience. The white peaks, blue skies, and lush green valleys could take your breath away. But if a hiker gets lost, they might get into a lot of trouble. Weather is unpredictable in the mountains. Storms can roll over a pass and dominate a once peaceful scene in minutes. Avalanches can trap unsuspecting explorers. Over the years, many people have gotten lost in the wild range. And that’s where the iconic Saint Bernard dog comes in! In the 18th Century, Saint Bernard Hospice was on a treacherous path run by monks whose jobs it was to keep travelers safe in the mountains. With their thick coats and sharp sense of smell, Saint Bernard dogs were bred especially to find people after bad snowstorms. Over a couple of hundred years, the dogs saved thousands of people. And while the monks on Saint Bernard pass now use helicopters for their rescue operations, the dogs will always have a place of dignity in the heart of Alpine countries.Product DetailsThis adorable Saint Bernard costume will make your kiddo ready for some serious Alpine exploring even if the peaks and valleys they’re exploring are the leaf piles in your backyard. Slipping over your kiddo’s shoulder, the costume widens at the hips and tapers at the hem for a decidedly cartoonish appearance. Soft and cozy, your kid will love wearing this at brisk Halloween events. This costume is topped with a barrel around the neck and a sculpted St Bernard face to make sure people recognize that your little one isn’t just any dog, your kiddo is dressed as the most heroic of dogs!Big Paw Prints To FillWhen your child takes on this role, they’re taking on a legend. Who knows what kinds of heroics this dog will inspire! Suit up your little one and watch as they light up with this important role!

It’s a dog eat dog world with this Toddler St Bernard Bubble Costume. Turn your little one into a cute Saint Bernard with this costume.

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