The Toddler Raccoon Bubble Costume


The Toddler Raccoon Bubble Costume

Pantry BanditYou kept finding empty jars around the house. Their contents almost completely cleared out, just the remains of what swiping fingers couldn’t reach left behind. You decided to move any jarred food into the pantry with a child-lock, convinced the thief would be thwarted. They weren’t. The door to the pantry was left wide open the morning after you hid the food. Your conclusion, either a raccoon has found its way into your home or your toddler has figured out jars and child-locks.Both are equally likely. Raccoons are intelligent animals, able to solve a problem and retain the solution for several years. They have paws that can pick complex locks (which could explain the opened pantry) and identify an object before they get a good look at it (probably why the pickled peppers are still there). You’d love to blame the food pilfering on a rogue raccoon, but the truth is, you could smell the last jar of jam on your toddler’s breath. Not to mention their sticky fingers left a full handprint on the pantry doorknob.Product DetailsIt’s back to the drawing board for snack prevention, but at least you have a great idea in mind for your toddler’s Halloween costume. With their lock-picking talents and nocturnal snack-thievery, they’re already hardly distinguishable from a wild raccoon anyway. In this Raccoon Bubble Costume, the distinction may just fade entirely. The 2-piece costume features a faux fur tunic with a matching pair of booties. Your little one will be ready for a night of trick-or-treating dressed as a huggable raccoon.Snack ShareFinding empty food containers around the house isn’t fun. Trying to stop the sneaky snacking, equally unexciting, but how can you say no to such a sweet face when they ask politely? Just look at this little raccoon’s bright eyes and skilled fingers begging for one more treat. Let your toddler use those skills on Halloween. They’ll bring home enough candy to share and, after your work keeping the pantry filled, your little one owes you.

Stay out of the garbage with the Toddler Raccoon Bubble Costume. Turn your little one into a bandit with this Raccoon costume.

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