The Princess Bride Authentic Westley Adult Costume


The Princess Bride Authentic Westley Adult Costume

Holding Out for a HeroWhat makes a hero truly dapper? Well, it’s actually not very controversial. A dapper hero wears all black. He has the best one-liners. And though he might be a bit of a bad boy, he’s always polite. Yep, Wesley is the perfect example of the dapper fairy tale hero. We knew it from the moment he started climbing the Cliffs of Insanity without a rope to help him. And when he switched hands while dueling the Spaniard, we knew this hero would always have a place in our hearts. While Robin Hood fights to bring money to the poor and Zorro works to free his people from the hands of an oppressive dictator, Westley uses his sword and mask to fight for the highest honor… twue wuv (AKA true love). If that doesn’t put this farm boy on your top list of dapper heroes, we don’t know what will. Details & DesignOfficially licensed, this Westley costume will make you feel like the hero of The Princess Bride. While we wouldn’t recommend wearing it through the Fire Swamp, it’s high quality enough to be worn again and again. Which is great, since wearing this costume to the Renaissance Fair would be a real blast. Our in-house designers put plenty of dramatic flair into this costume such as the billowy sleeves that gather at the wrist and the shiny faux leather boot toppers. The costume is ready to go with a head scarf and face mask to keep your farm boy identity secret. All you need to do is find a sword that switches nicely between your right and left hand for breath-taking duel tricks. Brains and BrawnWhen you’re dressed in the digs of the Dread Pirate Roberts, you don’t have to be strong enough to take on a giant or smart enough to defeat the Sicilian. You’ve already got street cred from this dapper ensemble! Suit up and get ready, your quest for true love is sure to be a wild adventure!

The Princess Bride Authentic Westley Adult Costume allows you to become a part of the adventure, embark on it this Halloween!

SAS ID: 38286

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