The Princess Bride Authentic Buttercup Adult Costume


The Princess Bride Authentic Buttercup Adult Costume

Choose Your Own AdventureWe don’t know any princesses who have been jumped through as many hoops as Princess Buttercup did. Some princesses might have to deal with getting trapped in towers or fainting for a hundred years, Buttercup must have broken a record. She gets kidnapped while riding a horse, swims in eel-infested waters, gets carried up the cliffs of insanity, and even hikes through the Fire Swamp. If you’re thinking about channeling your inner princess, you might as well go for one who isn’t afraid of a little adventure as well as one who fights for true love. Now, you might not be able to reenact all the trials and tribulations of The Princess Bride but you are totally allowed to invent adventures of your own. Travel through your downtown bar zone on a Friday night (aka the Blocks of Exasperation). Hike through fields of flowers and try to avoid the Buzzing Bees of Sting-dom. Whatever your adventures might look like, you can be dressed for the occasion when you’re rocking this Princess Buttercup dress. Details & DesignStraight out of The Princess Bride, this licensed Princess Buttercup gown is elegant and rich with details created by our very own, in-house design team. Inspired by the dress Buttercup was wearing during her kidnapping, it features long red, billowy sleeves with a gathered cuff. It has a high neckline and falls into a loose, pleated skirt. the dress is tied off at the waist with a gold pattern belt. The dress is topped off by the beaded crown that we all fawned over as kids (that couldn’t just be us, right?). Yes, we know what that word meansWhile the Sicilian might have overused it, we think we know how to apply the word “inconceivable”. For instance, having a boring Halloween while wearing this outfit is utterly and completely inconceivable. We’re sticking with that statement. And no, we don’t want a peanut.  

Be part of an adventure with The Princess Bride Authentic Buttercup Adult Costume.

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