The Men’s Pirate Costume


The Men’s Pirate Costume

Heave Ho, Bro!Pirates knew how to party. Why else would there be so many songs about a sailor who’s had too much drink? But they also had to really get it together and work hard as well! There were decks to swab, hulls to scrape and rudimentary meals to prepare. Imagine the hard work that went into raising the sails to catch a favorable breeze, or climbing the rigging to set the sail just right. The job we always wanted? Sitting up in the crow’s nest, singing to ourselves while looking out for land or an oncoming ship. Imagine the healthy tan you’d get from that chore! But at the end of each voyage and at the little paradise islands in between, pirates would let loose with abandon. We’d say all those ho-downs were worth the heave-hoing!Product DetailsWhat’s more classic than a vertically striped pant and a bright white billow blouse? This costume looks like it’s straight from the storybooks. The loose-fitting pants are comfortable enough to be worn when climbing the rigging. A red cumberbund is tied around the waist while the simple v-neck shirt has billowy sleeves with cinched in cuffs and a slight ruffle around the hand to make it look right at home onboard a ship. Top off this look with a head scarf and you’ll be ready for a life at sea!Wave ReadyPirates used to have to deal with all sorts of trials and tribulations. Not anymore! It’s one of the best times to be a pirate. It’s a time when hundreds a day realize that the pirate’s life is for them. Go ahead and join up with a crew to get into the seafaring groove. And with all sorts of pirate accessories, you can make your pirate costume exactly what you want it to be. That level of versatility should really float your boat!

Set sail and get ready for an adventure with the Men’s Pirate Costume. Conquer the high seas on your voyage for treasure and riches.

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