The Magic School Bus Rides Again Adult Ms Fiona Frizzle


The Magic School Bus Rides Again Adult Ms Fiona Frizzle

Frizzle 2.0Alright 90s kids, we know you landed here because you saw Ms. Frizzle. First thought in your head when you saw this was: You’re not Ms. Frizzle! All we have to say is Oh, but she is!There’s no one quite like Ms. Valerie Frizzle, except maybe her younger sister Ms. Fiona Frizzle (who you see here). Hear us out. The first, beloved Ms. Frizzle is everyone’s candidate for Teacher of the Year, even though we’ve all been done with school for years. Her wild field trips and (overly) enthusiastic nature made every school-aged child fall in love with learning and had us all longing to be a part of her classroom. Not to mention she had Liz around to spice things up. We’re happy to report: Liz is still around and Ms. Fiona Frizzle is just as over-the-top as her sister. She eagerly brings her class on insane field trips and overlooks the dangers for the learning experience (just like the Frizz). Ms. Fiona Frizzle keeps the excitement for learning alive and well in all her students too. We think she is everything we loved about her sister, just with an updated look.Design & DetailsOnce you see our point, we’re sure you’ll be ready to move forward and declare you have a new Teacher of the Year candidate. In this exclusive Magic School Bus Rides Again Ms. Fiona Frizzle Costume you can even become the new legend. Our designers took special care while creating this Ms. Frizzle look. To reflect Fiona’s more relaxed style they’ve designed a royal blue, jersey knit top to pair with her floral-print, satin skirt. It’s not a full dress, but this bold skirt ensures everyone will know what they’ll be learning when you wear it. Accented with a delicate flower necklace, you’ll have just the accessories you need for a day full of adventure.New WaveWho would Ms. Frizzle be without her wild, red hair? It may not be as chaotic as her sister’s, but we’re rather taken with Fiona’s sleeker, red waves. So don’t forget to add a red wig to complete your look.

Dress for success in this Adult The Magic School Bus Rides Again Ms. Fiona Frizzle!

SAS ID: 38286

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