The Lion King Toddler Simba Deluxe Costume


The Lion King Toddler Simba Deluxe Costume

Waiting to Be KingWe know your little one can’t wait to be king! Most little cubs have a tough time waiting. They want to be the main event, like no king was before. They want to show the world their roar and they definitely don’t want anyone telling them to “do this” or have anyone shout “stop that” at them. They want to run around free all day and they want to be free to do it all their way!Well, if your little one wants to lead the pride, then they’re just going to have to wait! After all, every good king needs a mane if they want to be the king of beasts! The good news is that your child can start their journey to becoming king by wearing this officially licensed Lion King costumes for toddlers!Product DetailsThis toddler Simba deluxe costume is based on the Disney movie, The Lion King. It comes with everything your little king-in-waiting needs! The costume comes with an ultra-soft jumpsuit that has a yellow faux fur exterior and an elastic waistband. It fits with a fastener in the back and even comes with a detachable tail in back. The hood really helps your child get into character, since it recreates the look of Simba’s face from the animated movie. It has a soft-sculpted face and ears, and it even has a pair of embroidered eyes on the top. It all combines for a look that will help your child happy as they wait to become the king!Just Can’t WaitIf your child has been trying their best to wait to be king, then it’s time to help them out with this adorable Lion King costume! With a soft style and cute look, it might even have them singing a tune from the movie!

Ditch Zazu to go on adventures with Nala as Simba with this Lion King Toddler Simba Deluxe Costume. Explore the elephant graveyard and other places with this deluxe costume.

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