The Boy’s Fade In/Out Devil Costume


The Boy’s Fade In/Out Devil Costume

A Devil on Your HandsDo you have a mischievous little prankster running around your home? Do you have to sneak through your home to avoid devilish tricks that could be waiting for you around every corner? Does your child have a strange desire to wear red clothes all of the time? Well, then you might just have a little devil on your hands. Don’t worry though. You can learn to safely coexist with your little devil by following some simple rules.First, make sure to send your little devil to bed early. A well-rested devil causes much less mayhem than one that hasn’t. Second, make sure to feed them healthy snacks—you don’t even want to know what happens if you feed a devil boatloads of sugar! Finally, make sure they’re dressed up in this child devil costume! It’ll help them feel more at home with their own devilish, causing them to feel less inclined to cause mayhem in your home!Product DetailsThis child costume comes with everything you need to let your little one feel like a little devil! The outfit begins with a simple red, pullover robe with a jagged hemline to give it a “fresh from the underworld” kind of look. The hood comes with a pair of stuffed horns on top. It also comes with a semi-sheer face covering and a pair of glasses that glow with a fade in, fade out effect. Topping it all off is a pair of wrist-length gloves! Add it all together and you have one creepy and vexing look for your young prankster.There Goes the NeighborhoodOnce your young one gets comfy in this costume, you can send them off to a costume party or a round of trick or treating. They’ll be ready to cause some mayhem away from home for a little while.

Be the naughty little voice on everybody’s shoulder with the Boy’s Fade In/Out Devil Costume. Raise a little mayhem with this clever costume.

SAS ID: 38286

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