T-Rex Skull Mask


T-Rex Skull Mask

Best of BoneheadWe don’t know what the ambitious group of paleontologists was thinking when they brought this tiny T-Rex to life but they probably didn’t expect the dinosaur to be a talented musical artist. It was a total surprise when the dinosaur even came to life before the skin and muscles grew back. But musical ideas had been brewing in his bones for millennia so it was time to express himself. Luckily, the scientists were ready with a recorder as soon as he started spouting lyrics. Because as soon as he was done rapping about being a fossil, he collapsed into dust again. Postnote: We know what you’re thinking. The album, Best of Bonehead is probably sung by a Paleontologist with musical inclinations. The brief bones-to-life timeline is a little too convenient. But we asked all the scientists and they all vehemently denied it so it must be real, right?Product DetailsThis fossilized mask fits over your whole head. The molded latex will excite and frighten all sorts of fossil enthusiasts. Large mesh eye holes let you see the world around you to some extent so that you’ll be able to see while also maintaining a jaw-some undead demeanor!

This T-Rex Skull Mask is sure to be the perfect way to have a prehistoric Halloween this year!

SAS ID: 38286

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