Sweet Fox Girls Costume


Sweet Fox Girls Costume

Do you like to look nice when you hunt for field mice?Is your fur just as red as a sunset?When you see a chicken coop does it make your face droop?Or does breaking in sound like a fun bet?You look for bird flocks because you are a foxAnd that hen that you spy is your dinner,When you’re a tiny canine, stealing is fineSince you always come out as the winner.Why do we love foxes so much? Is it because they don’t rely on brute force or overwhelming numbers when they hunt for their next dinner, but rather use their cunning instead? Is it because we have so many great fox cartoon characters like Robin Hood, Nick Wilde, Tails, and Swiper? Or is it because, like so many other animals we like, they are major cutie pies and we want to hold them? Regardless, there are no bad reasons to love foxes, and there are fewer bad reasons to want to dress up like one!Our Sweet Fox Costume will let you channel nature’s most adorable wild dog. This reddish brown dress is bursting with foxy fur trim to keep you warm on chilly trick or treating nights. The dangly plush tail is fuzzy like a fox’s, as are the ears on top of the removable hood. If you are a little scamp who’s so cute she could get away with anything, then complement your lifestyle with this perfect costume!

This little fox can be both sweet and sly! Little girls will love wearing this soft Sweet Fox Girls Costume.

SAS ID: 38286

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