Super Mario Brothers Adult Mario Kigurumi Costume


Super Mario Brothers Adult Mario Kigurumi Costume

Super Snooze BrosDo you think Mario ever gets tired? Just look at the guy! He spends most of his time saving the Mushroom Kingdom and defeating Bowser, and when he isn’t doing that, he’s entering Mario Kart races and playing tennis with his pals. And in his off time, he battles it out with other video game characters in Super Smash Bros. We don’t even know how he makes time to work as a plumber for his day job. Well, we figured out how he does it! He takes some epic power naps to help keep in tip-top shape and he wears this Super Mario Bros Kigurumi while he takes his little snooze.Product DetailsThis Mario Kigurumi is a Japanese-style pajama costume that helps you look like your favorite Nintendo character. Both comfy and whimsical, it’s designed for both costume parties and impromptu naps during the day. The jumpsuit is made out of an ultra-comfortable fleece material and it even has the bright blues and reds of Mario’s outfit from the video games. It fits with buttons down the center of the jumpsuit and it features rib knit cuffs at the wrists and ankles to create a snug fit. It also features pockets along the sides, just in case you have a few power-ups that you want to store during your nap. Finally, the hood really brings the whole look together! The top of the head even has an embroidered “M” on the top of the hood, so all you have to do is flip the hood up and you’ll look like just like Mario when you’re taking a nap!Comfy Cosplay TimeWhether you’re looking for a comfy way to cosplay, or you just need a soft new outfit for sleeping, then this Super Mario Bros adult Kigurumi is perfect for you!

Level up in the Super Mario Brothers Adult Mario Kigurumi Costume! Modeled after our favorite character, this red and blue Kigurumi is perfect for any night in or Halloween party.

SAS ID: 38286

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