Striped Satin Top Hat


Striped Satin Top Hat

The devil made me do it. We give you our full permission to use this excuse when purchasing this stunning Striped Satin Top Hat. Guaranteed, you’re look will charm even the cold-hearted cynic sitting in the corner. Although, the rest of the party will be wondering if you’re naughty or nice. Keep ‘em guessing is our advice.So, what are you wearing? This little number will complement a variety of looks, including gothic, steampunk, vampire…the sky’s the limit. Get it? A “sky” is a euphemism for hat, but we digress…You’ll never be mistaken for a wallflower in this demure version of a gent’s hat. To top it all off…uh oh, there we go again. We will stop. There’s one thing we know for sure: you have impeccable taste, and we won’t tell if someone with horns talked you into making this purchase.Whether showgirl, devil, or vampire this satin and velvet hat will define your costume. The crown features vertical velvet stripes atop red satin and a large black satin bow accent. A plastic hair comb and elastic band secure it to your head. Consider our vampire shoes; they will give you a coordinated look from head to toe.

Top off your costume in a miniature way! You’d be a sly minx not to pair this Striped Satin Top Hat with your next devil costume. You don’t want to be a sly minx do you, do you?

SAS ID: 38286

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