Stranger Things Eleven Mall Dress Women’s Costume


Stranger Things Eleven Mall Dress Women’s Costume

The Starcourt MallThere are a TON of different things to do at the Starcourt Mall. You can get a workout in at the jazzercise place. You can hit up the arcade to play the latest games. You can grab an ice cream cone from Scoops Ahoy or uncover a secret Soviet espionage operation, or even get into a fight with an interdimensional being that wants to enslave the human race…Wait, those last ones? Yeah, it seems like there’s some really weird stuff going on at the Starcourt Mall and someone needs to put a stop to it! So, it’s time to tap into your psychic powers, and start fighting some monsters from the Upside Down! First, you’re going to need a rad new outfit. How about this Stranger Things Eleven Costume, which recreates her brand new look from the mall?Product DetailsInspired by her outfit in season 3, this Stranger Things Eleven Mall Costume brings you a look straight from the 1980s. It comes with a black romper that has brightly colored shapes printed all over. It also has an off-center fastener for a unique look and an elastic band in the waist for fitting. You won’t be able to find this kind of outfit in most malls today! We recommend pairing it up with a pair of white sneakers… and your best psychic powers to face off against the Mind Flayer.For Fighting Monsters and Eating PizzaHawkins, Indiana is counting on you! You’d better suit up in this Stranger Things costume and get to the Starcourt Mall. If you don’t defeat the Mind Flayer, there’s no telling what will happen to the world. And once you’re all done fighting monsters, you’ll have to perfect outfit for getting a slice of pizza with your friends at the mall!

Throw it back to the 80s and take on some monsters in the Stranger Things Women’s Eleven Mall Costume.

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