Steampunk Dandy Costume Men’s


Steampunk Dandy Costume Men’s

AN EXTRA-DIMENSIONAL GENTLEMANWe need Steampunk in our lives. Like, literally our real-life lives. Cleaner energy. Inspired technology. A world of pomp and creativity, of Victorian style and futuristic ambitions. We just need it! Of course, obtaining such a world is a pretty daunting problem. Do we hop back in time and change things so that we get on the right track early and just cross our fingers that we don’t drive even faster into the fallen utopia? That seems like we’re begging for a time travel disaster!So, we figure that alternate dimensions are the way to go. Portals into the same time period but pulling a few quantum mechanical gizmos can’t hurt nearly as bad as swapping a few moments in our past. Worst case scenario with that, we’ve got a dorky new friend who is a touch confused by our near-criminal lack of cogs and miffed by the lack of lever-activated machines to pour tea without having to walk over to the steamer!DESIGN & DETAILSBe our guide into this new era by stepping up into the role of a lifetime with this Steampunk Dandy costume. Exclusively crafted by our in-house team of artists, designers, and developers, we were sure to infuse it with plenty of signature Steampunk style and we know you’re going to love it as much as we do. It includes a double-breasted vest with puffy jersey sleeves and a jabot at the neck. Of course, the look wouldn’t be complete with a pair suede-like wrist guards, folded short pants, a stylized top hat, and a belt with a holster! SWORD CANE OR GRAPPLE GUN?Once you’ve settled into your dandy new Steampunk look, the only question will be what accessory is perfect. Cogs and gears, of course. But, will you go for the quirky tech for convenience or the stylish weapon for debonair flair? 

Step out from the past (or maybe future) with our Men’s Steampunk Dandy Costume. This classy suit will turn heads with it’s ruffled shirt and geared vest.

SAS ID: 38286

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