Star Wars Women’s Ewok Dress Costume


Star Wars Women’s Ewok Dress Costume

A Course in EwokeseWhat’s the best part of the Star Wars universe? Is it the mysterious places that are located far, far away? How about the epic struggle of Light and Dark over the backdrop of the legendary Force? Sure, all those things are pretty impressive and do a great job of dragging folks into the story. But, the way that the various alien species were brought to life is clearly what does it for us. How they managed to make those languages sound real is the true magic of Star Wars!So, if you’re looking to enjoy a night in a way that’s truly memorable, not only can you dive into your favorite Star Wars look, but you can bring some of those linguistic skills to bear, too! The first Ewok phrase all know is “Yub Nub.” That, of course, means freedom. When you’re looking to allay loo (celebrate) your victory, ask a jeerota luu (beautiful friend) to join you for reh rehluu (dancing). Before long, your costume party event will feel like real azaar (magic)! Product DetailsOf course, the first step of making sure your Ewokese pronunciation is convincing is to captivate the right look. our Ewok Dress costume might just help you get into the right zone. This is a velvet dress with a jagged hemline designed to simulate the tribal look of the cuddly folk. The pullover hood features fuzzy ears and faux Ewok hair. (As if we’d be able to afford the hyperspace shipping on genuine Ewok fur!) Faux fur arm bands and leg warmers complete your officially licensed Star Wars transformation. Next Step: Endor’s MoonOnce you’ve mastered a few of the Ewok words, you’re ready for everything from defending the forested moon homeland to celebrating in full tribal style with the rest of your Rebellion jeerotas! Join up with more of our Star Wars costumes to make it a whole celebration. 

Dress as the cute creatures from the Forest Moon of Endor with the Star Wars Women’s Ewok Dress Costume.

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