Star Wars – Ewok Deluxe Plush Costume


Star Wars – Ewok Deluxe Plush Costume

Ewok Before You RunThe Forest Moon of Endor is the perfect place to raise your little one! Okay, so maybe there was a tiny battle there during Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. That was a little dangerous, but now it’s just a forest paradise, filled with tiny little teddy bear-like Ewoks hanging out. You could take your child on hiking expeditions through the woods. You and your child could have dinner with Wicket and his pals!Of course, if you plan on raising your young one on Endor, then you’d better get your child an outfit that will help them fit in with the other critters on Endor. That’s what this Toddler Star Wars Ewok Costume is all about!Product DetailsThis toddler costume is officially licensed from the original Star Wars films and comes with everything you need to transform your child into an Ewok. The jumpsuit is made out of an ultra-soft jumpsuit that’s covered in plush faux fur material. It features fasteners in the back and a quick opening closure near the bottom for easy diaper changes. The foot covers feature grip bottoms to help your child keep their traction when they’re waddling through the woods! Finally, the headpiece slips on over your child’s head. It has a brown fabric front along with a pair of fluffy ears on top to complete the look. Put it all together and your little one will be ready to hang out with Wicket!Backyard Battle for EndorMaybe a trip to the Forest Moon of Endor isn’t exactly in your near future, but this toddler Ewok costume will at least have your little one ready once you are able to book a starship ride there. In the meantime, you can always send your little one into the backyard to train for the next big Endor battle in the backyard.

Make sure you’re kids are cozy with the Star Wars Ewok Deluxe Plush Costume. Easy to wear and is very comfortable for your own little Ewok.

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