Stacked Skulls Women’s Leggings


Stacked Skulls Women’s Leggings

A Head of the GameDid you know that some people only celebrate Halloween one night a year? We know! It’s so sad. There’s no month-long horror movie binge. No seeking out creepy podcasts come Mid-September. They don’t stash candy corn in their pockets as they sit and read spooky books in the crisp fall air. They don’t spread spider webs over their bushes and hang ghosts in their trees. They don’t carve their pumpkins days ahead and revel in getting out the candles that they’ve saved especially to lite up said jack-o-lanterns. And these people, these sad, level-headed people, certainly don’t have a Halloween wardrobe! You know better. You know that Halloween isn’t just one day, it’s a season! It’s all about sweets and chills and dressing up as often as possible! Now, sometimes dressing up calls for a full-on costume but sometimes it simply calls for accessories such as these eerie leggings! Add this black and white design and watch as your Halloween options broaden even farther than you thought possible!Product DetailsThese black and white leggings can easily be dressed up or down. The elastic waistband and soft, comfortable fit will make these an October staple. Slipping into these leggings is sure to amp up your spooky celebrations! 

Women’s Stacked Skulls Leggings will fit right into the Halloween spirit in a stylish fashion. Perfect to add to the legging collection!

SAS ID: 38286

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